Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beyonce Knowles performed in Madrid, looks Gorgeous

She’s been covering Western Europe with her signature blend of pop and R&B and last night (May 19) Beyonce Knowles was spotted performing in Madrid, Spain.

The “Crazy in Love” songstress looked amazing as she took the stage, sporting a sexy gold sequined ensemble with some blinged-out earrings and matching heels.

In a recent interview with Self Magazine, Beyonce confessed that while she likes to stay in shape, she doesn’t want to look unnatural.

“To me, it’s sexier when it doesn’t look like you go to the gym. If you look like you’ve been spending a lot of time in the gym, then it just looks like you spend a lot of time in the gym. (laughs) So I never want to get to that point where it’s not natural. I think it’s important to feel like a woman, as well as look like a woman.”

Enjoy the pictures of Beyonce Knowles performing in Madrid (May 19).

Sunday, May 24, 2009

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