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Rakhi Reday to knock out with sex appeal.

The item girl Rakhi Sawant, who has fallen in love with the Twenty20 format, would like to cheer the Indian Cricket Team with her sex appeal.

You are a cricket buff. Did you watch all the Twenty20 matches?
Yes, I watched all the matches and I find Twenty20 the hottest and sexiest form of cricket. This is the real cricket. And we showed that we are the best. I am very proud of my Indian lions that roared and won the cup.

Who did you find the sexiest among all?
I am sorry I don't want to take one name because according to me they all are alike because the way they perform. Personally I find each and every player sexy and hot. They are the pride of the nation. Everyone has his own individual style off and on the field and they are adorable.

What about Dhoni? Isn't he sexiest among all?
He has emerged the best captain ever. His guts, temperament and ability to bounce back in the game are amazing. I love the way he took his team to success.

You are the ardent fan of Sachin Tendulkar. Didn't you miss him in the team?
To be very honest for the first time I didn't miss Sachin Tendulkar at all. It was better that he was not in the team. In fact I am of the view that as a player grows old, his ability to perform goes down. I feel that buddhas (old players) should be thrown out of the team. They do nothing. Any player shouldn't be allowed to play for more than five years.

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Pyaar kiya to darna kya seems to be the new mantra for Sameera Reddy these days.

No wonder she's making no attempts to hide her current steady, Shamshul Lalani.

He's in the construction business and the two have been seeing each other for over six months now.
Sameera Reddy finds her Musafir of life...

So the two lovers were spotted wining and dining at China House the other evening.

And despite being accompanied by a few friends, the two had eyes only for each other and were even feeding ek-duje ko.

After trying to avoid being seeing together by meeting in South Mumbai, it's good to see that they're finally coming out in the open about their relationship.

Does that mean that the Musafir's acting journey is soon coming to an end or what?

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Shilpa Shetty begins work

Actress Shilpa Shetty is finalizing the nitty-gritty's of her Broadway musical which will be along the lines of 'Moulin Rouge' and Andrew Lloyd Weber's 'Bombay Dreams'.

"Shilpa has begun the ground work on the musical. Her role requires lots of dancing and acting, which is something she loves doing anyway," remarked her spokesperson Dale Bhagwagar.

"From the last couple of months, Shilpa's basic aim is to showcase Bollywood and Indian culture in the West," he added. "Even for the musical, her costumes will be designed by popular Indian designer Neeta Lulla and will represent the ethics and culture of India."

Bhagwagar further informed that renowned Indian choreographer Ganesh Hegde would set the steps for the musical, while Shilpa would focus on her performance, leaving the singing to professionals.

Starting with shows in the UK for the first three months, the musical could travel to other parts of the world including the US and Australia.

"After 'Big Brother', Shilpa was constantly under media glare with all her moves being marked. She was looking at expanding her horizons by going to another level. This musical gives her a chance to do something she's always wanted to," added Bhagwagar.

Nisha Kothari sexy

Like a typical Sagittarian, Nisha Kothari is vivacious, full of energy, outspoken and doesn't even hesitate to tag herself 'dumb'. The Ghunghroo of Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag, Nisha Kothari, seems to be an independent spirit who doesn't fear anybody except her father.

On her recent chating.

I am dumb
If I were not an actress, I would have been a housewife. It's just because I don't know anything apart from acting. I always wanted to pursue the acting profession and never focussed my energies on learning anything else.

Though I never participated in theatre during my school or college days, I was clear about where to go. But having said that, I want to make it clear that my interest only in acting doesn't make me unambitious. I have a long way to go.

Me, a typical Delhiite
I am in love with this city. I especially love to binge on the street food of the city. I have fond memories of Delhi.

I'm learning everyday
I have to learn many things. I am yet to get used to the ways of the industry. Though I have improved my dancing skills after joining the industry, I still have to learn a lot. Just looking good on the screen is not enough. I have to learn every day. There are so many things to learn - camera angle, make-up, dialogue delivery. And as I said, if you are dumb you have to learn more (laughs).

Bachchanji, the ultimate
One falls short of words to describe him. Whatever you say would be less. The way he portrayed his character Babban was amazing. I think many (girls) would hit on him after seeing the movie.

Sush, the mother figure
Sushmita Sen is a very sweet co-star. I love her. She has so much warmth and she is like mother figure to me.

Ghunghroo and I are different
My onscreen character does not match with my real life persona. Ghunghroo smokes cigarette that I can't do in real life. I even developed a throat infection, as I had to smoke a bidi all the time playing Ghunghroo. But as an actress, I had to take up the challenge and portray it effectively

I've a long way to go
I see many changes in myself after working with the veteran actors and a creative and honest director like Ram Gopal Varma. But that doesn't mean I have become a big actress. You can't be a big person just because you are standing in front of a big person. You have to work to make yourself big.

I fear
When I asked my dad about joining films for the first time, his reaction was - "What?" But later on, he gave his consent. As a father, he had an obvious concern about his daughter joining the film industry. Apart from my father, I don't fear anybody.

I am moody
I am a very moody person. Sometimes I behave in a childish manner and at other times as a mature person. My mood swings are very frequent.

Religious, who me?
To be able to understand religion, one needs to be a deep person. Look at me, I am not old enough to understand the depth of religion. Though I believe in God, I don't delve deeper into the meanings of religion. For me God is an entity that guides you and leads your life.

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