Monday, June 2, 2008

Kareena-Saif's passionate pictures deleted

Enroute to Jaipur for a game of polo, Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Amrita Arora and her boyfriend Usman Afzal made a stopover at Delhi.

Kareena and Saif were staying together at the Imperial Hotel. Kareena's jijaji, Sunjay Kapur, played host and took the gang partying on Friday night.

The foursome and Sunjay Kapur had a quiet dinner at China Kitchen, the new place in town in one of its private rooms, to avoid prying eyes.

After dinner, they landed up in Kuki, the trendy bar in Greater Kailash 2.

Hot sectionSanjay Kapur led the way to the VIP section of the Bar followed by Kareena in a black sleeveless top and skinny jeans followed by Saif in a black Moschino shirt.

Amrita and Usman were obviously tagging along. Champagne was popped and a few glasses down, Kareena started dancing. When her number from Don (Yeh mera dil) blared from the speakers, she went wild on the floor.

Throughout, she kept looking herself at the wall mirrors. Our photographer clicked Saif and Kareena hugging and kissing.

But the hawk-eyed Kareena swooped down on the photographer and snatched his camera. Saif, Sanjay and Usman joined in, kept the photographer at bay and deleted all the intimate Saif-Kareena pictures.

With his trademark triumphant smile, Saif came over to the photographer and returned the camera.

Autographs please
Next, a group of women swarmed around Kareena-Saif for autographs. Kareena was cold but Saif was friendly with the fans.

Kareena was behaving very possessively about Pataudi Jr. Even when he went to the restroom for a while, she kept asking Amrita, "But where is he?Where is he?"

Champagne down, and exiting from the backdoor, Kareena had a classic mood swing. She turned all sugar and honey with the photographer, cooing, " Saare photos delete ho gaye na? Please delete kar dena. When I'm in Delhi next, aap ko exclusive pictures doongi.

Saif chipped in, complimented the photographer for the shirt he was wearing. Saif wasn't holding Kareena's hand any more.. just in case our photographer got a mood swing himself.


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