Friday, June 20, 2008

Japanese models

1.Sayaka Uchida is a Japanese model and gravure idol.
She was born in Tokyo, October 3, 1984.

2. Mizutani Sakura is a race queen and chakuero ( a gravure idol who models almost nude, but never fully nude. For example, the idol will sometimes not be wearing a bikini top but her chest will be covered by her arm or another prop) gravure idol.
Sakura gained many fans as a gravure idol and race queen. From 2005, she has focused on being mostly a race queen. Her team is A&S Racing.

3. Mashiko Rie (Born July 28th, 1979, Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese gravure idol, actress, and former regular model for CanCam (a Japanese fashion magazine published by Shogakukan. Its name derives from "I Can Campus", because girls who read it are expected to become "campus leaders".) . She was a second term Wongal for the variety TV show Wonderful. In 2002 she was chosen as Kanebo's Swimsuit Image Model.


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