Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rakhi Reday to knock out with sex appeal.

The item girl Rakhi Sawant, who has fallen in love with the Twenty20 format, would like to cheer the Indian Cricket Team with her sex appeal.

You are a cricket buff. Did you watch all the Twenty20 matches?
Yes, I watched all the matches and I find Twenty20 the hottest and sexiest form of cricket. This is the real cricket. And we showed that we are the best. I am very proud of my Indian lions that roared and won the cup.

Who did you find the sexiest among all?
I am sorry I don't want to take one name because according to me they all are alike because the way they perform. Personally I find each and every player sexy and hot. They are the pride of the nation. Everyone has his own individual style off and on the field and they are adorable.

What about Dhoni? Isn't he sexiest among all?
He has emerged the best captain ever. His guts, temperament and ability to bounce back in the game are amazing. I love the way he took his team to success.

You are the ardent fan of Sachin Tendulkar. Didn't you miss him in the team?
To be very honest for the first time I didn't miss Sachin Tendulkar at all. It was better that he was not in the team. In fact I am of the view that as a player grows old, his ability to perform goes down. I feel that buddhas (old players) should be thrown out of the team. They do nothing. Any player shouldn't be allowed to play for more than five years.


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