Thursday, May 22, 2008


Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood and Sandalwood- all these woods seem to be the nests for the Goan bird Genelia. Just see what she speaks about all this.

Telugu To Tamil To Hindi:
Genelia D Souza has never believed in coincidence. "But I acknowledge it now because I don't know how else to explain the recent events in my life. First, my film Bommarilu, the Telugu superhit of last year, was selected to be remade in Tamil as Santosh Subramaniam. I was chosen for it, even though it could've been played by other heroines. And April 12, the day Santosh Subramaniam released, is the same day I started shooting for the Bollywood version of Bommarilu," says an excited Genelia.

Thanks For Them:
The actress is currently in Delhi shooting for the same flick with Harman Baweja. "But I ensure I stay up-to-date with all the reviews for Santosh Subramaniam and I'm glad it's garnering the same response as Bommarilu. It was great working with the Vijayan brothers, editor Mohan, my co-star Jeyam Ravi and the entire team of Santosh Subramaniam," she says.

I Was Scared:
Her role Hasini, in Bommarilu was a motor mouth which endeared her to the masses. But playing the same character for the second time in Santosh Subramanian wasn't easy, says Genelia. "I kept thinking it would be a cakewalk, but the original script kept haunting me. So I was nervous wondering if I'd be able live up to expectations. The audience already knew what Hasini was like. It was a really scary thought to replicate the same act," says she.

I'm Open For 5 Minute Role As Well:
But she scored once again and Genelia now enjoys playing performance-oriented roles. "While I'm proud of my earlier films, it was Bommarilu which established my image as an actress who's capable of performance. I didn't know I'd be able to emote so well, until I did Bommarilu and Santosh Subramaniam," she says, adding that as an actress, you sometimes want to be taken seriously besides just playing arm-candy to the hero. Says she, "I don't want heroine-centric films; I don't believe in them. I just like being part of a story. I don't mind being there for just five minutes, but it has to be worth it."

My Leg In Sandalwood:
And after conquering the Tamil and Telugu industries, Genelia has now entered the Kannada industry. "Although I've been receiving offers from numerous Kannada filmmakers, I chose to debut with Shivrajkumar because he's such a fabulous actor. In spite of coming from such an illustrious family, he's so humble. I liked my role in Satya in Love because she's so mature and is a far cry from some of the teeny bopper roles I've played," says Genelia.

She's also making her presence felt in B-town and is currently working on three films. "There's the Bommarilu remake with Harman, another film with Aamir's Khan's nephew and the third with Priyadarshan opposite Akshaye Khanna," she says. And what about facing competition up there? "I believe talent never goes unnoticed. Also, it's high time people started experimenting. Somebody has to take up that responsibility. And I'm doing just that," sums up Genelia.


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